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Five Fifty: Year end 2018

The latest Five Fifty

Year end 2018 Quarterly Five Fifty—It’s time for your annual review. Here’s what the Five Fifty did to support your success.

Featured Insights

Learning from digital threats

– Incumbent companies are finding they have strong hands to play as competition intensifies.

Building a tech-enabled ecosystem: An interview with Ping An’s Jessica Tan

– A culture of innovation and failing fast drives the Chinese financial conglomerate’s expansion beyond traditional sector... boundaries and its early adoption of emerging technologies.

Africa’s overlooked business revolution

– Global business leaders who misunderstand Africa run the risk of missing out on one of the 21st century’s great growth opportunities.

How to win in Africa

– The right strategy can unlock strong, profitable growth, explain the authors of Africa’s Business Revolution.

The Magazine


The new enterprise DNA

– Looks at how data, technologies, and design are changing the makeup of today’s companies; why it’s essential to have a bold, agile digital strategy; and how to help your employees find more meaning in their work.

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