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Lubes growth opportunities remain despite switch to electric vehicles

Lubes growth opportunities remain despite switch to electric vehicles

Lubricating oils have traditionally been one of the most attractive areas in the oil and gas value chain, but disruption is on the horizon with the rise of electrification in the transport sector.

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The road to China: An opportunity for Russian gas to play out

– Additional volumes of Russian gas may find their way to China in the next 15 to 30 years. Why? Piped gas from Russia to China is cost competitive against future LNG cargoes.

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Market outlooks

Global Energy Perspective: Accelerated Transition

Our outlook reviews eight potential shifts that could accelerate the energy transition—from faster uptake of electric vehicles to accelerated cost reduction for renewables—and the impact each shift could have on annual oil, gas, coal, and power demand to 2050.

Global Oil Supply & Demand Outlook to 2035

Oil supply and demand perspective with balances to 2035 and macro outlooks on global oil prices.

OFSE quarterly: Volatile end to a positive quarter

– Crude oil prices rose during the third quarter to reach their highest level in four years, while increased E&P capital expenditures and continued efficiency improvements resulted in better OFSE performance.

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Digital strategy: The four fights you have to win

– Yesterday’s tentative approaches won’t deliver; you need absolute clarity about digital’s demands, galvanized leadership, unparalleled agility, and the resolve to bet boldly.
Interview - lapetitemort.info Quarterly

How the Houston Astros are winning through advanced analytics

– In the first of a two-part interview, the architect of last year’s World Series champions shares how analytics, organization, and culture combine to create competitive advantage in a zero-sum industry.
Report - lapetitemort.info Global Institute

Smart cities: Digital solutions for a more livable future

Interview - lapetitemort.info Quarterly

Digging deep for organizational innovation

Discussion Paper - lapetitemort.info Global Institute

Notes from the AI frontier: Applications and value of deep learning

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Positioning for growth in the fast-changing lubes market

– Given the threat of disruptive change in the lubes market, companies need to plan competitive strategies quickly and carefully,... with a focus on extending their offerings beyond the core products.

Lubes growth opportunities remain despite switch to electric vehicles

– Lubricating oils have traditionally been one of the most attractive areas in the oil and gas value chain, but disruption is on... the horizon with the rise of electrification in the transport sector.

Are US gas utilities nearing the end of their golden age?

– State-level decarbonization efforts could threaten the business model.

IMO 2020 and the outlook for marine fuels

– In 2020, the global limit on sulfur content for all marine fuels will be lowered dramatically, sending shockwaves through global... refined-product markets while widening margins and differentials. Most refiners are still trying to come to grips with the potential threats and opportunities that will emerge as a result of this regulation.

The impact of rising US LNG exports on global markets

– Earlier this year, the opening of Cove Point marked a turning point for US LNG exports, placing the US 5th in the 2018 export... ranking, and creating major shifts in demand, supply, and pricing dynamics.

The European electric bus market is charging ahead, but how will it develop?

– Widescale adoption of electric buses in Europe is near. There is still a lot of uncertainty around eBus battery charging strategies... and the optimal type of charging hardware, mainly related to costs and operational flexibility.

In full swing: North America’s crude prices and changing takeaway capacity

– The first half of 2018 saw crude production continuing to rise in North America. US crude exports are also on the rise, but ample... production growth and constrained takeaway capacity have combined to create a tight market with big discounts.

Decarbonization of industrial sectors: The next frontier

– Though deep decarbonization is possible, it will require substantial investments and big changes to the energy system. Technological... breakthroughs, lower energy prices, changing consumer preferences, or new regulations will be critical to achieving this goal.

The EU gas network resilience through advanced analytics

– How advanced analytics can help you understand the European gas network system response under demand and supply discontinuities.

Five key questions clients ask about our energy demand outlook to 2050

– Our Global Energy Perspective summarizes our energy demand outlook to 2050. Based on client conversations we’ve had since... its release, we’re answering five key questions that give more insight into our forecast for the energy transition.

A framework for fostering effective energy transitions

– The new Energy Transition Index looks at 114 countries’ energy systems’ performance and transition readiness.
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